Informations & Biography


Tao Menizoo plays metal music melting power-metal influences to thrash/death gimmicks, a strong alloy called modern-thrash by some reviewers.

To these foundations, the band adds some industrial touches, and atmospheric ambiences, the whole with harsh thrash/death vocals…



After some line-up changes (two singers gone), the band is well established since 2000, on its primary core : KSH (drums, additional vocals), RNN (bass guitar), TTF (guitar, additional vocals) et LH (guitar, lead vocals).

A first album has been relased on March 2003, welcomed with good reviews in magazines, webzines adn fanzines in Europe, but did not get a good commercial exposure.

Between September 2003 and February 2005, the band worked with Sir Hill playing keys, samples, percussions and back vocals, for a richer sound, on stage as on record.

Between 2006 and 2007, Tao Menizoo wrote new songs and recorded its second album in its own project-studio.

2008 : the second album is released ! Then, many gigs for the album promotion until 2009, and numerous good and enthusiast reviews .

2009 : gigs !…Two videos are released…New songs writing has started…

2010 : the band stops touring to concentrate on the 3rd album writing and its pre-production. The album will be full-DIY, again.