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“Released” : a non-mastered preview of the forthcoming album

On our Youtube channel TaoMenizooMusic, you will find a non-mastered-preview track of a song from our next 3rd album... This song titled Released, from the forthcoming album Journey Through A Devastated Mind, should be available at autumn 2012.

Album progress

Recordings and mixings are done. For now, the tracks are listened closely for making them homogeneous... And a last check for some additional parts, or not... Next will be mastering, and then CD pressing, webcasting, review requests and so on... Cover design is on progress...After a first album dressed in white, a second in black, the third may be in...Black and white !

Travel in time…

On our YouTube channel, a new video of misc. excerpts of an old gig in Auvers sur Oise, on May 4th, 1996, 15 years ago...!!

New web hosting

Since the switch to Wordpress, our website was hard to update because of the restrictions of the Free webhostings about plugins and extensions. Now we have a dedicated webhosting, so new updates will come more easily...